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Pylon Box by Pylon

  • Artist: Pylon
  • Categories: Alternative, Music, Rock, New Wave, Adult Alternative, Indie Rock, College Rock
  • Date: 2020-11-06
  • # of Tracks: 47
  • Album Duration: 41:46

List of Pylon Box Tracks

PlayVolume (Remastered) by Pylon (04:13)

PlayFeast on My Heart (Remastered) by Pylon (03:35)

PlayPrecaution (Remastered) by Pylon (02:48)

PlayWeather Radio (Remastered) by Pylon (02:16)

PlayThe Human Body (Remastered) by Pylon (03:11)

PlayRead a Book (Remastered) by Pylon (02:02)

PlayDriving School (Remastered) by Pylon (03:53)

PlayGravity (Remastered) by Pylon (02:37)

PlayDanger (Remastered) by Pylon (05:38)

PlayWorking Is No Problem (Remastered) by Pylon (03:29)

PlayStop It (Remastered) by Pylon (03:06)

PlayK (Remastered) by Pylon (04:32)

PlayYo – Yo (Remastered) by Pylon (04:14)

PlayBeep (Remastered) by Pylon (03:23)

PlayItalian Movie Theme (Remastered) by Pylon (02:01)

PlayCrazy (Remastered) by Pylon (03:13)

PlayM – Train (Remastered) by Pylon (03:48)

PlayBuzz (Remastered) by Pylon (02:58)

PlayNo Clocks (Remastered) by Pylon (02:57)

PlayReptiles (Remastered) by Pylon (03:56)

PlaySpider (Remastered) by Pylon (03:58)

PlayGyrate (Remastered) by Pylon (04:06)

PlayAltitude (Remastered) by Pylon (03:19)

PlayUntitled (Extra) by Pylon (02:21)

PlayCool (Extra) by Pylon (03:19)

PlayDub (Extra) by Pylon (04:42)

PlayRecent Title (Extra) by Pylon (02:27)

PlayDanger – Danger Remix (Extra) by Pylon (05:37)

PlayCrazy – Single Mix (Extra) by Pylon (03:14)

PlayReptiles – Channel One Version (Extra) by Pylon (03:32)

PlayNo Clocks – Channel One Version (Extra) by Pylon (02:50)

PlaySpider – Alternative Mix (Extra) by Pylon (03:49)

Play3 X 3 – Live (Extra) by Pylon (02:19)

PlayDanger III – Live (Extra) by Pylon (04:30)

PlayThe Human Body (Razz Tape) by Pylon (03:08)

PlayModern Day Fashion Woman – Version 1 (Razz Tape) by Pylon (03:03)

PlayRead a Book – Instrumental (Razz Tape) by Pylon (01:48)

PlayWorking Is No Problem (Razz Tape) by Pylon (03:11)

PlayPrecaution (Razz Tape) by Pylon (02:10)

PlayCool (Razz Tape) by Pylon (03:02)

PlayFunctionality (Razz Tape) by Pylon (04:31)

PlayEfficiency (Razz Tape) by Pylon (02:20)

PlayInformation (Razz Tape) by Pylon (02:43)

PlayDub (Razz Tape) by Pylon (04:41)

PlayModern Day Fashion Woman – Version 2 (Razz Tape) by Pylon (03:51)

PlayDanger (Razz Tape) by Pylon (04:47)

PlayFeast on My Heart – Working Version (Razz Tape) by Pylon (04:17)

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